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SercoBOX are leaders in the design and manufacture of enslosures
SercoBOX was established more then a decade ago and our presence has grown in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Aisia, The Middle East and Australia. Today SercoBOX has become one of the leading manufacturers of specialist electronic enclosures in Europe, our products ensure system critical equipment remains connected and powered up by deterring  accidental disconnection.

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SercoBOX Enclosures
Technical specialists to help you with product support
  1. Online
    There are times when you need extra advice and we offer support to all customers worldwide, so whatever system you have we can provide you with a complete systems appraisal.
  2. On-Site
    You may have a new or existing system where you require onsite advice, whatever your requirements we can offer you a solution designed to suit your systems specific requirements.
  3. Design & Manufacture
    Even the best designed systems can sometimes require changes, we can provide product design and planning support when you need it most anywhere in the world. Ireland Support
We take care of keeping your customers fully connected and powered up
December 2017
SercoBOX manufacture and roll out wifi enclosures.
March 2016
SercoBOX manufacture and roll out  wiffi electrical plug enclosures.

SercoBOX Ireland was established in 2016 as part of our expansion into Ireland and is operated through our Authorised Agents from where we provide product support to all Irish based customers, our team has extensive experience and can provide customers with our full range of  SercoBOX products, we also offer a full bespoke design and manufacturing service to meet specific customer requirments.